Author of the kerensablogs

Write to heal; read to feel.

by Gao Yang
wpid-IMG_20140310_095058.jpgFrom waitressing to insurance sales, I have pursued many paths in search of a career to make me happy.  One of the most important things that I’ve learned is to be receptive to new information.  This means seeing every situation as a new learning opportunity and closely examining the details.  Little changes in details can cause big differences in results.  The ongoing changes in laws, procedures, and modern standards are only a few examples of why we should constantly seek out new ideas.  Being aware of how to compare the past and present concepts in relation to solving a problem is very important to being innovative.

Though I admit to being an introvert, I don’t lack the ability to relate to others.  Understanding how others feel is essential to improving communication.  I look at what people value about themselves and what expectations they have of others.  How will a decision affect their lifestyle and how might they react? Based on personality type and character traits, I analyze how my messages will be best received and remembered.  There is more happening in communication than just how things are being said.  Regardless of one-on-one discussion or group settings, it is just as important to know who is receiving the message.

There will come times when I might not accomplish my goals or reach the level of success that I aim for.  There will be times when I might not be satisfied with where I am in life.  A coping strategy that has helped me is being able to step out and observe diversity.  There are other ways of life that may mimic, differ, or even defy our own philosophy.  What I have learned is to respect other cultures and mindsets for the comfort it brings others.  There are many ways to fulfill our physical and emotional needs.  There are endless arrays of flavors, spices, and artistic thinking to revitalize our souls.  Sometimes, the only cure for the frustration people face is a new perspective.

In conclusion, I hope kerensablogs will give readers and followers new insight on consumerism, relationships, and the world around us.

BE open to new information, KNOW how to relate to others, and APPRECIATE diversity.”


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