Volunteerism: Joseph’s Bowls Supper Event

By Gao Yang
josephsbowlssupperEarlier this month, my husband and I volunteered at the second annual Joseph’s Bowls Supper, held at St. Joseph Center on south Layton boulevard. Hosted by the School Sisters of St. Francis, the main event consisted of a soup dinner and ceramic auction.  The second floor of St. Joseph Center was transformed into an art gallery.  Those who attended the event were able to take their favorite displays home with a suggested $25 donation.  The ceramic bowls were donated by girl scouts, art students, churches, artists, and many others from within and surrounding Milwaukee community.

The funds collected benefit four non-profit projects at local, national, and global levels:

  1. St. Josaphat Basilica Food Pantryserving 50 families a week in Milwaukee, WI
  2. Casa Alexia Missionserving 55 families monthly in both El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico
  3. Guadalupe Homes Orphanageserving more than 60 orphaned and abandoned children and teens in Santa Apolonia, Guatemala
  4. Asha Bhavan Center serving 25 abandoned/destitute women in Bangalore, India

This year, soup choices for the annual Joseph’s Bowls Supper included chicken-vegetable, bacon and bean, and tomato-basil.  I loved the selection of bread, which ranged from wheat to homemade cherry-walnut.  A wide variety of desserts were also provided.  The hesitation at the end of the dinner line over brownies, cookie bars, and granola-peanut butter creations was the only complication that night.

For two hours, my husband and I served water and coffee in the dining room—nothing too difficult, just smile and pour.  Volunteers included Alverno Artourage members, Alverno Alumni, Shorewood highschool students, and many friends and family of St. Joseph Center.

As I reflect on this experience, I can’t refrain from expanding on the idea of volunteerism.  How often do people stress out over little details that minutely affect daily life?  How many activities do others let pass them by for lack of monetary gain? Shifting focus from my own life to a cause was a great way to step aside from my self-induced stress and remember that there is a whole world of worries out in the world worth caring about.



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