How to Pick Classes for Next Semester

By Gao Yang
wpid-IMG_20140320_090640.jpgI took advantage of meeting with my peer advisor a week ago.  She had some really wonderful insight to share on balancing work, children, and school.  It is important to not only have a vision but also a plan of action that works with your current and anticipated lifestyle.  If you are as concerned about having a balanced lifestyle as I am, you’ll know how important it is to set up the right class schedule.


Many colleges and universities will soon be opening up fall course options for viewing.  During the luncheon, my peer advisor stressed the importance of completing prerequisites.  Make sure to familiarize yourself with the required coursework to finishing your degree and keep up to date on the completion status of each course.


Most colleges and universities allow students to view their academic progress online, listing coursework in order of rigor.  Write down the course numbers of classes appearing right after completed/in progress courses.  You will probably have to take those classes before going on to the ones listed below it anyway.  Use the list of course numbers you make to search for next semester’s classes for a broad idea of what will be available in the fall.  Also communicate with your academic advisor and let him/her know about your life outside of school, including family and work obligations.


I just emailed my academic advisor a potential fall schedule for review.  The hands-on experience in searching for classes makes me confident that I will be getting the richest and personally-tailored experience.


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