Fun Home Decorating Tools to Play With

Autodesk Homestyler Review

by Gao Yang

homestylerinlaws3DHave you put off decorating a living space for too long?  Maybe you are just dreading visits to the home improvement store.  It is common to put off a decorating venture because of the overwhelming choices in paint colors, fabric swatches, and flooring options, but don’t leave that undone living space to neglect just yet!  I have been using an online interior decorating tool for almost two years now, and it might just be your foot in the door for smooth sailing.

As any project, getting started can be the hardest part.  One way to get over this hump in decorating is to start narrowing down your selection by color and themes.  Here are a list of questions you’ll want to answer and/or think about:

  • Do I already have furniture or other items that I want to use?
  • What color scheme do I want work with?
  • What will I use this space for?
  • How do I want to move in this space?

To get started, you will need to first measure the room or area that you want to redo.  Get the dimensions for not only all walls, but windows, doors, and wall openings as well.  Also, don’t forget to measure the distances between windows, doors, and wall openings.  You can record all of this on graph paper or carefully draw a diagram using a ruler.

homestylerinlawsLR2DWhen you start inputting your design on the Autodest Homestyler, expect the software to have a few glitches.  When it comes to dimensions, not all walls, doors, and gaps are going to be perfect.  Remember that the software is a starting point for summarizing your abstract ideas, not an exact portrayal of what your room is going to look like at completion.

To use the homestyler software, you will need to create an account with your email.  It’s quick and easy—no email verification needed.  Since it is online software, you don’t have to download anything.  The best part about the website is that it’s absolutely free.

I would rate the Autodesk Homestyler as a great online tool for any home renovation or interior decorating project.  It has saved me several trips to the home improvement store.  Anyone can utilize it—whether to create a blank floor plan reference or to build an imaginary mansion!

Try Autodesk Homestyler today!


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