Staying Young as a Married Couple

dancingwithhubbyThough my husband and I were one of the last couples to tie the knot in our circle of friends, we were the first to have children.  In many ways, we both feel that not only have we matured significantly more in our relationship, but we’ve also aged much faster physically and emotionally.  While all of the other wives are trying on stilettos at 9 p.m. on a Friday night, I’m usually laying half-awake on the couch wondering when my two toddlers will finally fall asleep.  Even on nights when we have a sitter, my husband and I are drained of energy before the clock strikes midnight.  How do we stay young when it seems we’re always running low on batteries?

What makes us feel old? Is it lifestyle? Routine? Perhaps, a lack of neurotransmitter activity? Stay tuned for upcoming posts to these questions.


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